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Life is temporary, death is permanent
Sep 26, 2019
So as someone 30-40 year old autistic NEET that's only support comes from my parents. I think my exit plan comes down to how long I have.

Long time:
Order the R2D thing, and just use that. That or make an exit bag method.

Short term:
See if I can get a gun to blow out my brains

Extremely Short term:
Run in front of a truck. Run in front of a train. Die from exposer by going into a river and die from a lower body temp. Obviously that last one will only work it's Winter.

The things that will cause me to die.
1. if my parents kick me out
2. if I'm forced to go back to work. (There is a reason why I'm done with normal jobs for now. But I can say, there is a reason why autistic people with a college degrees have a 85% chance of not having a job)
3. If my parents die


Mar 21, 2021
I feel the same, not as old but maximum life span is how long my mother lives and I don’t want to wait that long no doubt she will live until she is 103 and I would die of natural causes lame. Exit plan requires my interference it seems, my mum puts up with me unfortunately and would never kick me out so I have unconditional love holding me back how ironic.


Average ctb enjoyer
Jan 26, 2021
I am a young NEET and am looking at stabbing my left common carotid. I also have rope (probably the wrong kind) but don't want to compress my trachea whilst conscious for obvious reasons, and haven't been able to get partial or night-night to be painless. Another thing I am considering is jumping from a hot air balloon.

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