Jun 29, 2018
We're all on a suicide site because our lives have come to the point where they are no longer worth living. We have tried every way possible to improve, but they are still unbearable. Let's face it death is scary as fuck. We spend our who lives looking over our shoulder when we are in places that we are not familiar with or bad neighborhoods we might accidentally get lost in because we're afraid of getting hurt. If you're afraid of getting beat up, then you're sure as hell afraid of dying. Suicide is exactly that. You are murdering yourself. Do I want to live? Yes, I used to love even the simplest things about life and the struggle of trying to get somewhere better in my life. Do I feel like I have to die? Yes. Why? I have been fucked over by the medical system and am left physically debilitated to the point I can't work or even enjoy the simplest of things in life. I can do either one of two things now. Either get back at the assholes who fucked me or simply go die somewhere. Nobody gives a damn about some random guy offing himself. They will pay attention to someone who goes postal and gets revenge on the pricks that completely ass fucked him. I have thought about it plenty and the end goal in doing that is to die which is not guaranteed if I place myself in the middle of mayhem.
The next best option is just to die, but then they fucking win. That is my story, but I'm pretty sure that a lot of you looking to end it have been fucked over by society in much the same way. I have looked into suicide pacts, but those rarely work out because you're dealing with just one person. What I'm getting at is that we're all looking to die and suppose we all do, no one will give a shit. If we all communicate and get together and do this right then we will prove a point and society will get the message and realize it's mental health system and suicide prevention program is all garbage. I don't want to answer anymore threads about random topics. I want to talk about death and about doing it in a way that has never been done before. People have posted about mass suicides on here before and those are the types of posts that get me excited, but usual another new one about something random comes along. I live in New York and am pretty much housebound, but I can travel and am willing to even board a plan to California if the right opportunity comes along. If you agree with me and don't want to die in vain, but want the world to notice then let's go for it. PM me and anyone else you have made contact with here so we can start planning something that's never been done before.

Mecha Man

Jul 16, 2018
I live in the U.S.... but I don't know about getting together with some strangers in other states to ctb together with..... How can anybody feel safe with something like this?


Jun 13, 2018
Mass suicide won't get the attention you want. It will be seen as disturbed or weird and MAYBE get a day's attention. I understand the desire to want to "do something" but this won't matter and your energy is better used elsewhere if advocacy is something that gives you energy.