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Sep 2, 2018
2 days ago or so,I believe I saw a thread here requesting the implementation of a Journal section here,but I've found a website that is completely free and has top-notch security. (the only catch with the latter is being sure never to forget your password,otherwise your entries are lost forever.)

I originally did my online diary on Penzu.com,but the limitations of having a free account there began to irk me(i.e Can't have more than 1 type of journal per account,can't export your entries,and you can't even star an entry if one of them in particular is a special event in your life. The latter was the final straw for me,I left Penzu with a total of 15 day entries)and I didn't exactly want to start paying just to be able to write and keep a journal,and so I left Penzu and switched to Monkkee,which I've found so far to be quite satisfactory.


Has a ton of features Penzu(even paid version Penzu Pro)has,such as the ability to incorporate images to your journal,export your entries,have more than 1 journal(Monkkee does this via categorizing with Tags),etc. Maybe it doesn't have everything Penzu Pro has to offer,but the fact that its completely free and already has a ton of what Penzu has to offer is certainly an excellent deal. (Their business model relies on donations,so you have the voluntary choice of whether to do so or not)

That's where I write my diary,and I highly recommend it for everyone whose interested in having a completely private diary for their thoughts.