Jul 13, 2018
'Have you tried exercising?'
'Have you tried mediating?'
'Happiness is a choice.'
'It's easy, don't be depressed.'
'Here call this hotline'
'Hold on, pain ends.'
"It gets better'
'You just need to think positive.'


You won't get those responses here, don't worry. We all get it. You're not alone.


Jul 14, 2018
For some reason, that sentence made me genuinely laugh at how unimportant my life is.

Yet society demands that you give them adoration and respect regardless of how good "parents" they are. Society thinks it's okay to bring a life into this world in any circumstance without consent no matter how terrible but an individual dying by their own hands is simply unacceptable.


Voluntary deletion.
May 9, 2018
Life is the most tormenting and abusing experience somebody will ever suffer. But we are still forced to respect people who tries to keep this hellhole active like of they were the good ones, we must love our parents who they think they are being nice with us and after it they don't care anything their sons can suffer, they are exactly as toxic as the rest of society. I never understood why people procreate and I will never do. Their ignorance cursed all us and this is unforgivable.
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