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Voluntary deletion.
May 9, 2018
I want to know if more people has this problem.

I sometimes feel invaded by a great fury for no apparent reason. I endured so many shitty people than I don't want to hear another people talking to me in my life. When I'm alone, the fury comes to me too, no matter if nothing relevant happened: it comes randomly. This is particulary bad when I'm talking with people as dangerous thoughts wander in my head and I must content them. And I'm not talking about being somewhat angry: I mean blind rage that does me wanting to hit every object and person near to me until breaking or injuring it.

The lesser thing in this world can turn me in really bad mood. Every excuse is good for feeling anger or hate against everything.

Is this normal? Somebody feels like this?
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Jun 26, 2018
It's definitely not normal but I have this problem as well. It used to be much worse in the past. I had like no control over my actions when I got angry and just used to destroy/throw stuff around me. I have broken chairs, ripped curtains & bedsheets and smashed mirrors in my fits of rage. I have also destroyed 2 phones. It even happened at a party one time. After which, I completely stopped going to parties/social gatherings. It is much better now, though. I mostly just throw a few punches in the air or hit a wall when I am angry.


May 4, 2018
Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. It may not be the same for everyone, the causes.. but I think a soul deep rage and frustration at a lack of satisfaction in existence has something to do with it. Or a loss of hope and the rage that sits there knowing it’s effectively over.

There is also the rage that begins early in childhood when the needs of a child aren’t met. And it just festers as the years go by and things get worse and worse. Once the potential and hope of youth fades.. you are fucked.

Don’t let that rage be your guide. I did, I fell into it and it ruined the last ragged bits of my life. But my god, the high of anger. It’s a drug like any other. Fucking parents raging because it’s easy and they ruin another soul.


Voluntary deletion.
May 9, 2018
Sorry for reanimating a dead thread but this is important. I choke in rage everyday and I can't do anything. It's just over my control. It's stronger than me and I want to make it stop. Is there hope for a demon like me or I'm condemned to live with blind wrath for the rest of my life?

Fuck fury.