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Apr 28, 2021
I didn't see a thread for grounding techniques so I figured it may help someone here.
Grounding techniques are physical or mental distractions used to help in a variety of situations and for many symptoms of mental illness/Anxiety or Panic attacks and so on.
Grounding techniques may help you or someone you know during stressful situations and or depersonalization/derealization.

Please do recommend any information that may benefit this thread.

Physical/Mental Grounding Techniques:
1: Touching something around you. Hold on to this item and think about the way it feels in your hands.
2: Listen to relaxing/calm music or noise.
3: Hold ice in your hand. Pay close attention to how it feels and take note of how long it takes to begin melting.
4: Breathing techniques. Slowly breathe in, then out. Think about how it feels when the air enters and exits your lungs.
5: Run your hands under cold/warm water. You can alternate temperatures and notice the way it feels from cold to warm and so on.
6: Use your favorite scents. Candles,Chapsticks,Oils,Food. Find one or more items and focus on how it smells.
7: Counting backward. Choose a number to count backward from, this can be a low or high number depending on preference.
8: Watch something funny. Find a funny video/movie that will make you laugh.
9: Anchoring phrases. Repeat a phrase to yourself. Examples:"I am x, I am xx years old. I live in x."/"I am calm and relaxed."/"I am here, I am safe."
10: Writing/Drawing. Keeping a journal or writing/drawing on a piece of paper can help distract.

Grounding techniques to help another person:
1: Talk to them. Sometimes just talking is the best way to distract someone experiencing panic/anxiety or depersonalization.
2: Hug/hold. Unless the person you are helping is not a fan of being touched this may help them. Pressure and weight is often used to ease panic attacks and anxiety.
3: Games. Eye-spy,Tic-tac-toe,etc. Doing something with another person can help with many symptoms.
4: Bring them somewhere more comforting/calm.
5: Guide them to do any of the grounding techniques listed above.
Other grounding methods:

5-4-3-2-1 Technique:

5: Acknowledge five things that you can see around you. Repeat or think the names of these items to yourself.
4: Acknowledge four things you can touch around you. If you can, touch/feel them.
3: Acknowledge three sounds you hear. Focus on these sounds. Examples: Breathing,Music,Birds.
2: Acknowledge two things you can smell. Pick up a candle or chapstick nearby that you like the scent of if this helps.
1: Acknowledge one thing you can taste, this can be whatever your mouth currently tastes like- or you can find something to taste.

3-3-3 Rule:
-Identify three things you can see.
--Focus on three sounds you can hear.
---Move three parts of your body.
Note: There are many more things that can be done or used to ground yourself and others. Some things you do may be personal or unique to you or the person you are helping. Whatever you believe may help is worth trying. If you are trying to help ground a person experiencing ptsd/psychosis or hallucinations please take care to not say/do anything to escalate specific symptoms, if you are worried and do not know what to do please seek help if this person is a danger to you or themselves.

If you or someone else is uncomfortable with any techniques listed or that you may come up with please be understanding that it may not be for you/them.

It is up to preference and situation to choose what grounding techniques are helpful to you or someone you are trying to help.



Nov 30, 2020
4-7-8 Breathing Technique: Close your lips and inhale through your nose for a count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven. Exhale completely through your mouth making a whoosh sound for a count of eight. This completes one cycle. Repeat as needed.
Effects can vary as it might might make some sleepy.


Dec 4, 2020
I'm the least qualified person to give coping advice to people. That's why I rarely do. However, for a month and a half I've been getting into cold showers and I would definitely recommend it. Not only will it ground you, it will hammer you to the floor. No room for stupid, puny thoughts when things go primal.


Jan 4, 2022
You can also take the "grounding" literally and sit on the floor, which will always carry you. Makes some of the above even more useful.
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