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Jun 28, 2018
Where I'm from channel 5 use to play movies after the 11 O'clock news. The first one was the "late movie" followed by the "late late" movie and finally followed by the "late late late" movie. My first job was working 2nd shift and I use to get off at either 12:00am or 1:00am Then I would be up all night (No computer or internet back then for me) either watching movies or playing Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, or Playstation 1 So anyway one night after work I ended up watching the "late late late" movie of that particular night and ended up enjoying it very much. For the longest time afterwards I totally forgot the name of the movie but remembered everything in the movie for the most part and would occasionally think about it and wonder what the name of it was or if I would ever see it again. It must have been around the mid 1990's when I first watched this movie but It wasn't until 2015 that I ended up finding it and buying it off of amazon and watching it again for the first time since that one night. Anyway it wasn't a great movie or anything but I enjoyed it and enjoyed watching it again for nostalgic purposes. So anyway here is the synopsis.

Inner city youths with dreams of something bigger. After graduating high school three best friends get the opportunity of a lifetime when they inherit an old run down hotel in the country. Upon arrival at the hotel the three friends, accompanied by a young and stunning Girl realize that the task at hand is going to be more of a challenge than any of them had expected. Presented with the problem of overcoming the hostility of a small town towards their project the young folks have to persevere and work hard to strive towards their dream of creating their very own rock and roll hotel. Along the way they befriend memorable characters such as an old man who guides them with his experience and wisdom. Eventually faced with impossible odds our friends are forced to take on a shady chemical company in the most important game of Christopher Columbus they would ever play in their lives. This game comes down to one thing and one thing only, Winning!

Thanks for reading!

And good luck guessing : )


Aug 20, 2018
I enjoy these guessing/memory games. Didn't see the movie but figured it out through cheating. Won't spoil it for anyone who wants to make an honest guess based on memory alone.