Aug 8, 2018
Weighing risks and benefits of temple and mouth. Obviously you'd like to hit the brain stem but shooting in the mouth has a higher chance of not hitting anything fatal. And there are a million different places the tip of the gun and angle can be aimed. Plus unless it's held against the roof of the mouth the hand would be very unsteady. Behind the head seems pretty hit or miss.

For reference its a .45 hollow point.

Temple seems a lot more reliable but would aiming at the center of mass, like the bottom corner of the parietal lobe near the frontal lobe, be the most consistent way? I guess that would be close to the top of the ear in height and slightly more inside towards the eyes. Seems like it would do a lot of damage to different areas, but would I be instantly unconscious and how long would I be alive for? Not sure if that would touch the brain stem at all but with a high power hollow point I have no clue.

Any links would be appreciated. Please only reply if you really know what you're talking about


Jul 28, 2018
I was researching about suicide by gun and was at a point where I was certain about doing it. I arranged for with another person to get a shotgun (he's a criminal with history of firearms). My plan was to get shot on the back of the head, where the brain intersects with the spine.