Jul 28, 2018
So currently my only available method is hanging I was going to do this over the door type hanging in full suspension. I do not have a rope or access to a rope, so I have tied the belt of a robe to a man’s necktie and made slip knots at both ends. I thought I would put the robe end around the doorknob and the necktie end for around my neck.
my questions are:
do you think this will work will death be certain?
are there other reasons this could go wrong besides me backing out or The material failing?
should I put a plastic bag over my head as well? with this help or hinder?

any other suggestions
Rocky M

Rocky M

I'm A Monster
Jun 20, 2018
Personally, I would not use the plastic bag unless it was for the exit-bag method, but that’s just me. You’ll want a second opinion on this though.
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