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Invisible idiot
Aug 22, 2018
He likes arguments and counter arguments that people post. It’s confusing
Maybe Tiburcio sees valid points on either side of the arguments without necessarily supporting or partaking on each side--maybe he tries to keep an open mind and tries to understand. I get that it can be confusing I guess because it does makes you unable to choose which side to support. Idk I'm not Tiburcio ... And I actually don't mind him liking everything. I'm a new member and haven't been here that long.


⋔⊬ ☌⍜⎅, ⟟⏁´⌇ ⎎⎍⌰⌰ ⍜⎎ ⌿⍜⌰⟟☊⟒
Aug 17, 2018
He likes everything and everyone and everyone likes him back :)