Jun 15, 2018
YOUNG father took his own life following the recent deaths of his father and stepmother who “were his whole world”, an inquest heard.

Jordan Brereton, 21, was working as a chef at Healds Hall Hotel in Liversedge, and had been living at the hotel, when he died on June 10 this year.

Bradford Coroner’s Court heard how Mr Brereton, who was born in Keighley, had been working in the Lake District last year when his step-mother died on November 29, and had rushed home to be with her.

Three weeks later, four days before Mr Brereton’s 21st birthday, his father also died on December 22, and he again rushed home to be with him.

A statement from Fran Brook, Mr Brereton’s sister, said: “Dad was his hero, he was his whole world, he was lost without him.”

Mr Brereton had worked at Healds Hall Hotel previously, before leaving for stints in kitchens in Scarborough, Edinburgh, and the Lakes.

Andrew Ward, head chef at the Liversedge hotel, said he invited Mr Brereton on a staff night out shortly after Christmas, and asked him to start working there again.

He took up the job as he was expecting a child, which was born earlier this year, with a woman from Leeds.

Mr Ward said: “He began working and living in the hotel in January.

“We all stayed behind after work on June 9 for a few drinks, before going to bed at 1am.

“Jordan was staying in the storeroom as his usual room was booked out, which happened regularly.

We needed some tablecloths from the room the next morning but could not wake Jordan up, we even set the fire alarm off to try and rouse him, before eventually breaking the door down, which is when I saw him.

“He hadn’t come across depressed, and we were a really close team.

“He seemed happy during the drinks and there were no signs anything was wrong.”

Ms Brook added: “He was a typical lad enjoying life.

“His newborn son was his reason to carry on and be the best dad he could be, but it wasn’t enough.”

Assistant Coroner Kirsty Gomersal recorded Mr Brereton’s cause of death as hanging and that he died as a result of suicide.

She said: “He was going through a distressing time and was distraught at the loss of his stepmum and dad.

“He was a brother, a father and a friend to many, and he was a lucky man to have such a caring family and friends concerned for his welfare.

“This is an extremely sad death and a young life cut too short.”
Lara Francis

Lara Francis

Jun 30, 2018
This is indeed very sad and shows how grief can take hold and lower you to very dark and desperate places. I truly empathise and know how this feels.
Sometimes the world is not enough regardless to who we leave behind !