Aug 18, 2020
Today I thought about that. First I want to warn you. Sometimes this is a decision one cannot reverse. In some cases it is irreversible.

Now to my situation. I talked with my best friends about it. Due to the fact I have no partner this rather comes out of nothing. Some years ago I was much into antinatalism. I am not 100% convinced anymore. I am not sure whether all people should stop to procreate. Though I absolutely don't think I should ever procreate. I would feel relieved if I knew my sister did not procreate. I know she wants it but not sure if she realy does it. She is really mentally unstable and more and more I question her sanity. My genes are horrible, I will probably ctb and suicidality has a genetical component, I will never have a stable income etc. Even if we assumed some miracles happened and I got a stable income, my genes would not change. In my family mental illness is very widespread. The last 10 years were a pure nightmare. I could never be happy if I knew mychildren went through the same. Moreover I think my education was horrible. I don't know how to raise a child properly so I would be scared to make it even worse than my parents. Which is in some way difficult because they traumatized both of their kids but damn I am unstable as fuck. I cannot cope with the pressure ,merely being alive. I would rather want them to grow up in a stable household. Though they had horrible genes.

So why don't I seriously consider a vasectomy/ sterilisation for men. I think there are different reasons.
Not sure whether I will still exist next year. I am scared soon my life will force me to ctb. So there won't be much time left for sexual intercourse where a vasectomy was beneficial.

Anothe big reason. My family would go insane. Especially my dad. I think once he was obsessed that I will procreate to make him and his family proud. Though since I am a mental wreck one time he said the last thing we need is you gettting some children. He is probably right about that. Still I think he would go nuts. Just like when I considered contacting an assisted suicide organization. He threatened to stop financial support for me. I know he is a real jerk. He blackmails me in some sense.

I made a short research and found out it costs between 300-400 euros for men in my country. I don't have much money though on the other side no comparison to the costs raising children. So it migh be a good investment.

Sometimes it is irreversible. Honestly this is barely an argument for me. I am 99% committed never to procreate. My life is a living nightmare even if everything became better I have been through hell. I don't want that any sentient being has to go through something like that.

I will probably never have a partner. Though I have read from some people here the idea to pay for sex before committing suicide. First I thought I would never do that. Though maybe it could comfort me before having to kill myself. I am not sure. There are plenty pro and con-arguments. It is complicated probably will never do it but it is an interesting idea. I will ruminate about it in the future.

Then there is another argument against it. Maybe it is a little bit dishonest. But if I found a partner which is quite unlikely I felt pressured to tell her about the vasectomy. This could lower the likelihood to get a partner. When I simply say I don't want children and cannot imagine it there is at least the possibility to get some. Now to cover some insane theories with the likelihood of 0,00000000000001%. What if she was very rich and had prett good genes? And the one thing that would tear us apart was my inability to get children. It is a very unlikely scenario I know. After all I want to say I don't want to further decrease the likelihood to get a partner which potentially could happern with a vasectomy.

What are your thoughts on that? I know many here are in favor of antinatalism but such a decision should be thought through.
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Sep 11, 2022
Was forced to go through it with GRS. Didn't save genetic material before the operation.

One of the very few things I actually appreciate from having surgery. Being completely sterile and knowing this shit ends with me.
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Sep 19, 2022
I don't just think about sterilization (as it pertains to me), I fully believe in it.

I have no natural desire to procreate, and I have serious social qualms with how we treat the task of raising other humans. All of those judgements aside, I come from a long line of unsavory people who never should have been given access to creating and damaging more people. This cycle absolutely stops with me. It's one way in which I work on my generational trauma. No more of this, y'all have gone far enough.

I don't believe we should make people who don't provide consent to inherit all of our traits and circumstances. The whole thing, up to and including my own birth, really makes me actively angry. I know I'm fully unequipped to raise a child and teach it how to be a decent human being. So I don't even entertain that idea. I stopped considering sterilization recently when my plans around my exit solidified. No point in having a procedure when I don't plan to be here.


Jan 24, 2021
Yes, but then I realized it’s redundant with my celibacy. I don’t like making permanent changes to my life unless I have to, which is perhaps ironic considering my eventual plan to CTB, another irreversible decision.
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Jan 27, 2021
It’s no longer relevant to me as I’m long past menopause and actually was made infertile by surgery to remove cysts at age 37. But it is a source of huge regret to me that I wasn’t sterilised long before that. Imagine giving birth after rape and psychosis then being pressured to cope as a single mother with severe mental illness and little to no support. You probably can’t. It is a taboo that dare not speak its name because as the mother I will always be judged by someone even if a victim myself.

That said of course doctors probably wouldn’t have agreed to sterilise a young healthy woman anyway at least back then. Honestly I don’t even know what hoops you have to jump through nowadays, I know it’s possible though.

Through my 20’s and 30’s I was mainly lurching from one crisis to another. Antinatalism was unheard of. I’m glad there is more awareness now and that this can even be considered an option.
Dead Ghost

Dead Ghost

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May 6, 2022
I have never thought about it, but it is also true that I have not had sex, for no particular reason, I just don't enjoy contact with people.
In my case it makes no sense to think about it. At the age I am, it is quite unlikely that even by accident I would have a child.


No hi he pensat mai, però també és cert que no he tingut relacions sexuals, per cap motiu en especial, simplement no gaudeixo del contacte amb la gent.
En el meu cas no te cap sentit plantejar-m'ho. A l'edat que tinc es força improvable que ni per accident es doni la circumstància de tenir un fill.
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Sep 11, 2022
Should be a must for all living things when reproduction always has the possibility create extreme suffering, other than that, don't see the point in creating something that preys on other living things (As all life is dependent on eachother) to satisfy own desire to "feel comfortable", or in a subjectively optimal state to exist in over another's comfort.
An example is the billions of animals slaughtered for human benefit, Animals used for medical experiments or being the direct supply for medicine, food, bred for money, clothes, and animals having to kill each other to satisfy hunger as programmed by stupid DNA.
Make problems just to solve those problems and keep making excuses to keep making problems. Shitty circle of life
Already sterilized.


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Jan 15, 2022
Sterilization is only for the lesser races, the cripples and the people that think the last episode of House of Dragons made sense.

Glorious genetic donors like me should be sending vials of semen all over the world, on top of getting carnal offers from all fertile females of the surroundings. The fact this isn't happening shows how far has Humanity fallen.