Mar 18, 2018
One friend has asked me a question

I just know that if this were ANYONE ELSE IN THE fucking group everyone would be worried and attempt to reach out to them. I know because it has happened a few times with our other friends. But because it's me there are no attempts so why should I fucking care about chatting with them again. I know that nobody is obligated to reach out to me and people may think I just need my space, but where is that energy when our other friends are silent and going through a tough time...

I just needed a place to vent thank you
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Rounded Apathy

Rounded Apathy

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Aug 8, 2022
This must be bad to make it only your tenth post in four and a half years. I’m sorry. I know what you mean about people jut leaving you out to dry but thankfully don’t have the extra bitter taste of comparing to other intra-social responses. I tried indirectly expressing my troubles and was met with kind initial words, followed by long silent distance. Almost made it worse, so I can’t wholeheartedly recommend “reaching out” as it made it so much harder for me. :heart:


Oct 16, 2021
No clue if this helps you at all but you're not alone. I've been in the situation, went off the grid for a while just to see if anybody cared enough to reach out and was met with complete radio silence. I guess the takeaway here is to sort of accept that you can't really rely on other people and at some point you have to find some comfort from within to serve as sufficient motivation long-term. I have no idea how to do this but maybe you can. I'm really wishing you luck, buddy.


Aug 29, 2022
I never receive texts or calls from friends. I had a female friend which was a previous affair with which I chatted often, but at the end I had a big fight, insulted her and cut all bridges (as I usually do). Nobody would notice if I disappeared.