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Final Escape

I’ve been here too long
Jul 8, 2018
Lately I’m overwhelmed about having to find clothing. Iam not exactly a common body type. I’m 5’9, athletic, long body type. It is a bitch to find clothing for myself. Everything lately made for short fat people lol! I just want to cry when I go to the store at times. I have somewhat narrow hips, long legs, not much ass. Not badly proportioned, in fact my proportions are pretty good and I can look really great in clothing that fits right. I don’t have the money to alter everything I buy lol! I wish I did.
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Mar 31, 2018
I have a relatively uncommon body type and on top of that, I refuse to wear clothing that isn't black, dark gray, brown or red (tops only). So finding clothing is always a struggle for me.