Jun 17, 2022
Really depressed about the health issues that I have , only 20 years old . Problems with my vision , I have tinnitus , brain problems from a concussion and severe lack of sleep, now weird cardiovascular stuff. Feel like I can’t make it through life this way. Anyone else dealing with insufferable health issues ? I want to talk to someone that understands. Oh yeah and I’m so depressed I barely do self care - people look at me like I’m crazy


May 18, 2022
I have debilitating spine pain. I get these unbearable spasms in my ribs feels like someone is pulling them out(muscle relaxers not working anymore). My vision is going had to start wearing glasses. I have chronic insomnia and go days without sleep. Constant acid reflux makes eating difficult. List goes on... I'm 29 btw.


My name is a typo🤦‍♀️
May 18, 2022
I also have severe tinnitus, chronic pain that’s been so bad lately I can’t perform necessary tasks at home. Also suffer from HORRIBLE insomnia. I’m on 4 different controlled substances, and still can’t sleep. Because of botched foot surgery, I’m often unable to put a shoe on one of my feet. Also suffer from severe anxiety. Right now, I’m sticking around for my cat and my only friend who just went through a bad health scare.

I’ve lived way too long. The good times are long gone. I plan to be out of here by the end of summer.
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