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Jul 13, 2018
Just heard through a friend of mine. He did it by Train. I knew him and his partner had broken up recently, I don't want to say that is the catalyst but ..yep.

He wasn't a close friend by any stretch, more just someone I knew at high school but he was a decent guy and from what I remember he was very popular, didn't bully anyone, played sports at a high level, had the girls at school dances etc

Life eh? Funny old thing. Sleep well dude.


Oct 4, 2018
a few years after I left high school the most popular Teacher in our school jumped in front of a train one day. it was so shocking to the whole community because he was loved by everybody and basically the spirit of the school itself. I even liked him and I hated that fucking school!

idk about you but i grew up in a suburban town where everybody tried put on a face of 'successful domesticity', but you just had to go slightly beneath the surface to find something much darker. the professor's ctb was like a spring of real world shit that pierced through the facade that blanketed the town.


Aug 4, 2018
Even if I hear about someone being murdered or dying in an accident i’m like “they escaped from this shit”.

I don't when it comes to murders or accidents because those people may have wanted to live, so they might not have had anything to escape from. Just my thought on it

Final Escape

I’ve been here too long
Jul 8, 2018
I feel like this as well. And then I think, why it wasn’t me?
I saw this news article of a gorgeous couple who just got married took a helicopter ride and it crashed and killed them. I thought to myself, how fucked up it is that this lady who actually wants to live and has a future was killed but I’m here wishing I wasn’t alive and I’m not helping anyone or living for any reason other than I happened to be conceived.