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Jun 18, 2018
if I had worked consistently over the past decade, I would not have had the mental energy to read the books I have nor been able to learn all that i have.

When I have worked, I’ve always gone home mentally and physically exhausted even after doing a white collar job. I can’t understand difficult concepts after a day of work. I would watch a movie, watch tv, or go to sleep. On weekends I would still feel tired and just relax at home.

Learning and reading difficult material is all that really interests me. It seems the only way to pursue that is to be on welfare, rich, or retired. I wasn’t interested in learning as a teen and I wouldn’t have been able to grasp hard material then anyway.

I used to be judgmental of people who worked and never read. Then I realized the last thing a person wants to do after a rough day at work is read Origin of Species or Crime and Punishment.
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