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Jul 29, 2018
My latest drawing I did of my main OC. If I make a new one I'll change it. This is the full image
A bit of backstory is my character is the daughter of the leader of a bad werebeast clan. She runs away with her twin sister kiera and her sister's friend/mate jinx at the age of 12. My character (named Tj) plans to come back and basically kill her father (the one on the rock)


Mistress of all she surveys
Sep 7, 2018
I chose Florbela Espanca because a) I like Portuguese poetry; b) Florbela's biography intrigues me; c) I am also a writer (though of novels, not so much of poetry) and d) I would also like to ctb on my birthday.


Everyday I wake up I wanna die again.
Sep 11, 2018
It’s an image from one of my favourite indie bands Pale Waves’ latest music video. I personally like the front woman Heather Baron-Gracie a lot, and I always feel so emotional and connected to the lyrics.