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dancing in the sunshower, baby
Mar 20, 2018
And by boredom, I mean THE boredom. The boredom when you know, there is nothing nice awaiting you in the future. The boredom when there is nothing to do because nothing really matters. The boredom when you are completely alone, not just in the presence but also in the future. The boredom that rises when you realize you sooner or later gonna be dead, but not yet. so what now?


Sep 2, 2018
The "Boredom" I primarily experience is from having to be forced to do the necessary menial tasks(primarily studying in college as of my current situation)in order to continue living with a quality of life. It has nothing to do with "not being challenged enough." (In fact,I would really,really,REALLY love it if all my current problems and challenges disappear right now or at least significantly toned down. the only challenge I want is in my hobbies such as video games. I don't want any challenge whatsoever anywhere else.)

The "future existential" problem I have is ending up having to be a 9-5 wage slave for the rest of my life,and I'm beginning to lose any hope I circumvent that fate.