Jul 20, 2022
I guess in a way it boils down to coping skills, but any good ways to snap yourself out of the spiral to a breakdown? I have a new cool bug friend, but I know I’m still on my way down on the express train.

I wrote the above yesterday to ask here, but now I’m just curious how you guys keep going? I’m even farther down into that breakdown and about to switch to the other side of site soon and actively start finalizing things. I want to see one out of state friend(basically my only friend I feel I can talk to) near the end of September, but I kinda worry I won’t even make that. I’m just really fucking tired. Tired of having to be there for everyone and tired of being an idiot and constantly confused by people. So how do y’all keep going when you hit this point because I want to fucking break everything right now.


Mar 26, 2020
If there is momentum built that carries one in a certain direction, it may seem difficult to "apply the brakes". However, it may be possible to make an excusion (take a detour) such as an interruption for the purposes of entertainment. A favorite movie, book, or even music, can provide some relief. Such a break can also be useful to slightly change the direction of momentum.


seeking artsyness partners.
Nov 8, 2018
Spite, in a way.
I wasn't a great artist. At best I drew stickmen. I tried guitar for a while, but then half of my body basically died, so I'm back to drawing.
I want to leave a mark, plain and simple. I want to leave evidence that, at some point of time, during a period of time, I EXISTED.
With some luck, I'll be remembered for more than 3 generations.