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Jul 1, 2018
I lay there with my eyes close till I pass out
It takes me a solid 2-3 hours at best.. I don't give up though
When I eventually fall asleep it's one of my trauma related dreams for what feels like years
I can't stay asleep for very long periods so when I wake up I repeat the process depending on how alert I am

Blah blah ignore me I'm pretty much talking to myself here


Jun 30, 2018
Stay up super late and take melatonin. Most of the time have something to drink too. It doesn't always work but it's the best chance. Hasn't worked tonight though. It's 5:30 am so I think I might just not sleep and hope tomorrow is better
Dog Food

Dog Food

Mar 27, 2018
I'm starting Restoril (I think that's how you spell it). I've been on everything from melatonin to anti-histamines to certain illegal drugs for years, and my doctor just prescribed me it. I've heard it has bad side effects though, which would probably be worse for me since I'm anorexic. Anyone have any luck with this?


Jul 28, 2018
I take ativan and 2 melatonin for sleeping everyday. But, last night I got an awesome news and get too excited. So, I could not sleep until 6 O'clock in the morning. I took 3more melatonin/not work and took another avitan at 6 am. Finally, I can get some sleep and woke up at my usual time which is 11:30 am. this morning. I definitely can not sleep without pill.


Aug 3, 2018
in aprail i was fully recoverd and then i promise me to not watch porn again.but accidently i download tha game called summertime saga i play it 2 weeks and then everything was gone.all the symtom came back.i cant sleep for two weeks hearing voices at night.i realy hate the internet it make me addict to porn and now my nerves wont strong enough to enjoymy life.
Angst Filled Fuck Up

Angst Filled Fuck Up

Super duper enlightened
Sep 9, 2018
If I can't sleep, I try not to "fix" it - that signals to my brain that there's a problem which will only keep me up longer. If I notice I can't nod off, I just go on my computer, go smoke a cigarette, get a drink etc. Basically just carry on with life until I'm bleary-eyed and really ready to pass out.


Death is the only God who comes when you call
Sep 25, 2018
I’ve been taking two tablets of L-Tryptophan lately and it’s been knocking me out and giving me the strangest dreams.
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