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Sep 22, 2018
I did it for a week straight last year, when I ditched my life and wound up meeting up with someone I vaguely knew from discord

I can only think to describe it as blissful apathy. Not a care in the world, and no physical or emotional pain present. Every sensation was pleasure. I can see how people get hooked.

On the flip side, it made me very sick and I filled several garbage bags with puke, and pissing was frustratingly difficult. However I was too high to care.
I would become very agitated when coming down from it - and that there is the addiction aspect, clearly.

I wish I never did it. Ffs it was only for a week and I still think about it sometimes. I don't think I'll ever feel that good again.


Sep 25, 2018
Blissful apathy is right. It feels like the warmest, safest most caring hug that takes all the physical and mental pain and anguish away. It makes everything feel OK for that moment of bliss. So so warm and comforting.