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In case there is an expensive cure to heal you forever

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Forever Sleep

Earned it we have...
May 4, 2022
My mind isn't great but it isn't terrible either. Even if you are super smart and function ok, doesn't mean you'll end up doing a great job you enjoy. You still need confidence- although I suppose that does come from the mind. Plus, you'll need some money left in order to educate your new super mind.

I think there are a lot of people with those attributes who still don't achieve what they want. So- you've given away all your money to fix your mind to be exploited by a company so you end up wanting more again. đŸ˜¬


I'm pro CHOICE. Don't start on me. PLEASE
Aug 28, 2022
My mind is my only real problem. If I could fix that my problems would be solved and I could make more money


She dreams of eternal sleep
Sep 24, 2020
Nothing could ever possibly make me want to stay in this world, no matter what. Overall in my case the thing that I have a problem with is life itself so only death could ever be the solution for me.
The way that I think and see life is not the thing that is wrong. Even without extreme suffering in life, existence is still pointless and tedious and there is nothing appealing about having to endure the burden that is existence. I just believe that non existence is preferable no matter what. I don’t get how someone can be healed forever anyway, to me ‘healing’ sounds like someone deluding themselves.
I mean if we stay alive long enough we will eventually deteriorate from old age and that is something horrific to me. I just believe exiting this life to be the more rational option for me, it’s what makes a lot of sense.
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pReTtY cOlOrS
Nov 7, 2022
Fortunately, I do not have a lot of my money under my belt, so this would be an easy yes. Since most of my major problems are neurodevelopmental disorders (not all), this would be a certain yes. I would be able to sustain a future, most likely living the life I want. I probably wouldn't be on this website and the state of life I am in if that was the case. This would be even better if it applied to my whole body. Definitely money. Outside of my health issues, life would be potentially good (I'm no genie so I can't tell you if some other shit would get me to this point too)


Nov 21, 2022
My assigned sex is the problem, and while transitioning might "help", i need a lot of money to even have a shot of meeting beauty standards, and i dont see it worth it. CTBing is the less invasive option.


Sep 13, 2022
Hmmmm, that's an interesting question and I'm not sure the answer. Too many variables for me to give an answer I think.