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Apr 28, 2021
How much thought do you put into your posts?
More than one would suspect given the sometimes disastrous final results. I may have a slightly neurotic inclination, but that evidently doesn't prevent me from posting the occasional "cringe", to borrow an unsophisticated yet strangely apt expression from the vernacular of today's youth.


The Hated One
Sep 26, 2021
Depends on my mood mostly. I can make some actually good posts and most of them I read like 10 times before posting and another 10 after posting. But there are some where you can feel my stupidity and those are written when I feel awful or braindead which is sadly often. In that case I don't really bother to check that much before and after. And then there are my drunk posts which I prefer to not comment about.


Life was a mistake
Sep 12, 2020
I've probably said more on here than I have in the rest of my entire life combined. I have always had a lot on my mind but never anyone or anywhere to let it out. I constantly overthink about everything that I do and that shows itself in the average length of my posts, which are so long winded I know most people don't read, it is mostly for my own benefit anyway. Even this post itself is an example. Half of the time I don't even end up replying because I can't find the words, or I don't have the energy. There have been several threads I have wanted to make, but chose not to. I get increasingly frustrated at the difficulties of trying to translating thought into the written word, and so have to accept an imperfect result, or not post anything at all.


I want to sleep for an eternity.
Sep 24, 2020
All my posts are mostly just repetitions of previous ones. I have made multiple threads on exactly the same thing. I have nothing to say other than how much I dislike living. I think people are probably bored of my posts, I am an extremely boring person. It is just a way to pass the time. I do try to make sure that what I say makes sense though and does not include spelling mistakes.


broken body, broken mind
Aug 2, 2020
I'd say mine are a mixture of both. Some I read back a couple times, proofread, and then post, making sure my points are clear and well-organized. Other times, it's just like running stream of thoughts and little thought of whether anything I'm saying makes any fucking sense.


I don't know why I run away
May 6, 2021
I tend to overthink my posts as they're usually lenghty (a habit of mine) and I try to answer with relevant info to the thread, tho sometimes I don't add much and just want to add to someone else's idea. Some posts see the light of day, others are never to be seen again. Depends on my mood or if I'm hungry or sleepy as well.


Better Never to Have Been: 2006, David Benatar
Oct 11, 2021

Sometimes I read through my posts over and over to try to find something wrong, even some minor spelling mistakes would send me to bombard the edit button endlessly.

Sometimes I don't care at all, I post what I have in mind since I usually can't say that kind of stuff in the real world.


Jan 12, 2022
I overthink and usually write way too much and end up re-reading, clarifying and trimming down posts often. It doesn't help that I type fast and can lay down a huge barrage of words without trying. I'm not a grammar fiend, but words do have very specific meaning so I'm very picky with what I write. Sometimes I can get what I want to say done in one go. I do usually go back and re-read my posts to make sure I'm getting what I want across correctly.


Jan 4, 2022
In general, my posts are overthought and read twice as a minimum. Still, they end up lacking structure and clarity. I have tens of thousands of thoughts, but I often delete whole paragraphs I find unnecessary, or off track, after revision.

With venting posts, I can’t properly articulate my empathy; the same, generic words come to mind. When I try to comment, I tend to veer to my own experiences and problems, and I absolutely hate doing that on other people’s posts. So although I don't always respond, I do read them in full.

With abstract, philosophical, political, or medical topics, ones I enjoy, I’m too insecure to post my thoughts, for fear of being incorrect. When I read them back, I don’t like how authoritative I seem to speak on topics I know little to nothing about, being “confidently wrong”. Also, I enjoy reading differing opinions, but I would be an awful debater.

A fine example of my incoherence and straying from the topic. I did delete about a paragraph of this.


Better never to have been
Jul 4, 2021
Sometimes I put more thought into it, other times I just ramble about whatever the hell I’m thinking. I edit later if I feel like my words are coming out the wrong way. Something I like is that unlike verbal conversations, you can easily retract and correct something you said in text with nobody except you noticing.


Jun 14, 2019
In the middle. I write, look it over and post. I nearly always have to edit because of a spelling error. I do very carefully consider the people who will read it. I don't communicate much at all in real life so I don't remember how. I get insecure about how much I write, how much I've posted, and I hope I don't cross any boundaries with my clumsy emotional intelligence. Other than that I set my intention well and let it go.


Sep 3, 2021
Damn like 7 years ago I would sometimes write and delete posts constantly due to overthinking. I think I just write them and post freely now unless it's a delicate subject that requires precise wording.


Dec 27, 2021
My posts are just how I feel about life, though I don't express some views as much depending on the person. I tend to keep more on the neutral side as much as I can, although this makes me sometimes the most infuriating person to discuss with.
It's nice to see so many others talk about their posts. Makes me feel less weird. Glad to see I'm not the only one that overthinks.
little helpers

little helpers

did I tie the tourniquet on my arm or on my neck?
Dec 14, 2021
I overthink on which reactions to use even. smh.

generally I try to explore what the intentions behind a post are, and approach my replies this way. like if they’re looking for information, perspectives, or just someone who hardcore relates. I make myself think what *the other person* wants or perhaps needs to know.

as to my own threads I just express myself. no second thoughts going into it, really.


the haru that can read
Apr 27, 2019
I almost never post, just comment, but I do try to put some effort into most of what I say.
(Or it might just seem that way because I never shut up once I get going.)
I don’t want to draw too much attention to myself, so I just riff off of others, and there’s plenty of things I could have written myself (content/subject wise) that others have posted without me needing to do the same.
..I would be more heavily concerned with the possibility of those who know me realizing who I was on here, if I was a prolific poster, rather than dipping into comment sections where I feel safer.

I think I can overthink some comments or take too long with them, might even lose the flow, but some others I take too little time with and kick myself for obvious typos (and misspellings) and the fact that I am no longer in the edit window.
I fail to format often.
There are also a few times where I truly spoke out of my ass because I just wanted to say something and I was dead tired in the night. I try not to revisit those comments lol
My posts are just how I feel about life, though I don't express some views as much depending on the person. I tend to keep more on the neutral side as much as I can, although this makes me sometimes the most infuriating person to discuss with.
It's nice to see so many others talk about their posts. Makes me feel less weird. Glad to see I'm not the only one that overthinks.
I do a similar thing..not necessarily trying to be neutral, but trying to see multiple facets of the situation, give them a each a voice even if unequal..speak more diplomatically.
However, if the subject hits close to home, it will be clear as day what side of the fence I’m on. That’s usually when arguments happen.
(And during subject matters where there is very little room for subjectivity.)

I do have a bad habit of not even paying attention to the usernames I’m responding to though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I ever got myself into hot water with someone I was previously buddy-buddy with, just because I didn’t realize it was them so I didn’t hold my tongue.
On the flip side, this habit of mine eliminates a lot of possible fakeness and can also lead to me agreeing with people (on selective subjects) I would normally be at odds with.
To me, that is ultimately a good thing, whether I benefit from it or not.
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Persephone ❦

Persephone ❦

Global Mom
Mar 28, 2021
I tend overanalyze my posts most of the time. However, there are some situations in which a prompt response is necessary and I cannot afford to thoroughly proofread what I write.

My proclivity for scrutinising my posts is partly because I sincerely care about the way I come across and how I convey my thoughts and feelings, especially when they may have an impact on others. I strive to stay true to my convictions and emotions while still being caring and considerate, even when I strongly disagree with others. I may not always succeed in this endeavour, but I try my best to do so.

On a forum of this nature in particular, it occurs to me that there could be situations where my post is the last thing a member reads before they die or I may be the last person they speak to in their final moments, perhaps without my knowledge. With this in mind, I choose when, where and how I post wisely - especially during the last couple of months - because this thought is quite poignant and sobering.

It is also partly due to the fact I studied creative writing at university and English was my strongest subject in secondary school. I always had a fascination with words, with the way we express ourselves and with the craftsmanship of talented writers I admired (such as Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton, who both died by suicide and it is no surprise that their poetry resonated with me).

Finally, I understand what it is like to be the recipient of painful words that haunt you for the rest of your life. Many of the hurtful remarks made by abusive relatives can never be erased. I will never forget being told that my existence is a mistake, that I am unwanted, that I am worthless, that I am merely an afterbirth and that I deserve any suffering I endure.

I believe that words are very powerful and that we should use them responsibly.


What if it were all just a dream?
Feb 21, 2021
I try to pay attention to what I'm writing to the point it can take me ~10 minutes, if not longer, to even write a short private message. Though, there are times where I can barely focus and end up either explaining things poorly or making weird spelling/grammatical errors. My focus depends on if I'm in a dissociative state due to my anxiety. The more dissociative I am, the weirder I type. Oddly enough, though, my punctuation isn't any worse even when I'm feeling my worst.


Apr 6, 2021
I prefer observing more than participating. I try post things that are beneficial to more than just myself. I don't value my opinion as worth reading, mostly because whatever idea I have has been, or will be, said. I have severe anxiety, and just me imagining myself saying the wrong thing at the wrong time would add onto my suicidality.
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