Lady black

Lady black

35 male, central Europe, German speaking
Oct 22, 2018
I wonder if it's possible to put a plastic bag over my head, as the noose seals it shut around the neck. I hadn't been able to pull off getting unconscious from just having my carotids compressed by the rope, so I was thinking that with a plastic bag closed tight around my neck, I wouldn't be able to breathe in oxygen and eventually pass out from hypoxia/suffocate, then the rope would do the trick.
The plastic bag would make it more uncomfortable and will cause panic. I would not do that, it´s easier without


Nov 14, 2021
Im wondering what anyone thinks of starving yourself for awhile before an attempt. Im not doing it on purpose but im finding it makes me much more comfortable in there noose, that I black out faster, the effects last longer and im feeling like the weakness and lack of energy are helping fight off my SI as it is taking so much energy to back out and stand up and there's a slowness or brain fog I feel will help not get the noose off if I do fight it. Maybe its a dumb thought that it'll be helpful but the logic in my head seems to make sense


New Member
Nov 10, 2021
I've struggled to succeed with this, hopefully by reading through what everyone has shared the path will be brought to light. Thank you.

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