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You Can Call Me Al

You Can Call Me Al

Apr 17, 2018
I don't know why I didn't realize this before, but I read that if your body is unrecognizable, then the state pays for your funeral costs. I may not have much of relationship with my family, but I still don't want that financial burden to go to them.

It goes without saying that I would prefer not burn alive, so I'd like to hear some creative minds about how to make it unrecognizable or the very least, unrecoverable. I am not creative so I could only think of putting myself at the bottom of a very deep lake or even ocean. I thought maybe if I could figure out a system where my body burns after I'm dead.



Rest is best
Apr 30, 2018
Its really hard to be unrecognizable. If you've ever been to the dentist they'll be able to pull up your dental records. You could theoretically extract all of your teeth and burn off your fingerprints but that would be pretty hard to pull off. You could go to deep into a national park and hope your body decays enough that its unrecognizable but your teeth may still give you away. You'd have to have a pretty extreme heat source to be able to burn your bones/teeth and thats why a crematorium usually has a secondary afterburner or blender like device to help crush bones.

To be unrecoverable would probably be easier but, unless you write a note, your family may think you just dissappeared and could go on thinking you're alive somewhere. You could tie weights to yourself and jump off of a boat into the ocean or a deep lake like you said. You could hike up into the mountains and hope some random mountain climber doesnt find you a couple years later. You could try finding an old abandoned mine or a cave. Volcanos aren't really an option in North America.
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