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Jul 3, 2019
Above is another interesting piece of research for us suffering depression. This one says that microdosing Peganum Harmala can help. Safety info: in large doses it is DEFINITELY toxic and we probably don't know about microdosing it safely, but it has been used as a folk medicine for centuries. And you can buy it online. Also, and interestingly, it has some of the same compounds as ayahuasca which help to stimulate BDNF and grow back bits of our brains. It is a reversible MAOI-A so not to be combined with any SSRIS, MAOIs - and the general contraindications for MAOI-A inhibitors (on which you can eat cheese if you want to...).

I'm not saying it is safe - because it might not be, but microdosing sounds more gentle and if it regrows the brain it might not need to be done every day.
I'm also not saying it works for me- because not tried it yet.
The report says - an available and legal way of dosing psychedelics. Check your country's laws though (as well as as ever the contraindications). It's definitely not for use in pregnancy for example.... It also says:

Results indicate that daily administration of subperceptual
doses of P. harmala produce significant changes in affect and
neurological activity. While a significant difference was not
present between the control and microdose groups in the
Positive Affect subscale, significant reductions in negative
emotion subscales and increases in positive emotion subscales
lend validity to the overall subjective experience of an overall
better mood and reduction in symptoms of stress and anxiety.
This supports animal research showing that harmala alkaloids
exhibit antidepressant-like effects [7] and is in step with
preliminary analyses of an ongoing, large-scale microdosing..
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Aug 27, 2020
To avoid the toxicity and any negative side effects I recommend performing an extract on the Peganum Harmala to derive only the active ingredients or you can buy pure extracted Harmala/harmaline on ebay. Probably would be good paired with a Lion's mane mushroom supplement which also stimulates BDNF and has a unique nerve regrowth factor.

I've personally taken extracted Harmalas many times but it was usually to potentiate psilocybin mushrooms or to replace b caapi in an Ayahuasca dose. I never experimented with microdosing it I just know comparing the ground syrian rue seeds to a Harmala extract I had no symptoms from consumption.
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