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do have communication difficulties?

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Caustic Cardinals

Caustic Cardinals

Sep 1, 2018
The ability to connect with others on a mental Emotional level is unquestionably valuable!
Anything that gets in the way of this leads to miscommunication and far too often social isolation and loneliness

We all Have different ways of perceiving the vastness of our world.
There are many variables that contribute the differences in our perception.
We come from different backgrounds. We have different experiences regarding culture,family, and upbringing, spoken language. All of these make it harder to communicate clearly and effectively to others our inner world. Many of us including myself have differences in neurodiversity. My mother was a highly functioning autistic. When it comes to being on the Asperger's autistic Spectrum the amount of variables to contend with while socializing exponentially increases. The different ways in which my mind and the minds of other people who are not neurotypical can be a burdensome hurdle to overcome, that many of us are left without sufficient tools to navigate the social world. Everybody eventually has to deal with being lonely. Every human being learns how to communicate with other people by employing patterns, most people's brains utilize very similar patterns. these patterns effect expression of body-language and the outward appearance of emotional affect.

TL;DR I am lonely because my brain works differently


Aug 16, 2018
I understand you, I feel exactly like that, we talked about this before you and me.
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