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I've made up my mind.
Sep 23, 2018
I can't take this shit anymore! I want to claw my fucking brains out with a knife. I hate this shit, I hate life! I want to claw my fucking face off. I didn't ask to be created, I didn't have a choice but to be born. I wasn't even expected, I wish my mother would've aborted me. I am not the son my dad wanted but I am the only son he has, to cope with it all he drinks. My mom is afraid of confrontation and doesn't know what to do with me anymore and my friends don't even speak to me. I am such a failure, I can't think of one thing I have achieved in life. I have fuck all qualifications and hardly anything too my name.

I hate being lonely. I am so fucking lonely. I am a hermit and I hate it. People have always said "just go outside" or "join a club" but if it was that fucking easy I wouldn't even be here to begin with! It is hard to be happy when you are surrounded by those who have a complete disregard for anyone else. Everyone is so self-centred these days, they are more concerned over the free WiFi reception and the amount of petrol they'll need to waste. Everyone is so afraid of death but I don't get it. Death is inevitable. Death is part of life, they are not two separate things. But society has separated the two. Creating this delusion that humans shouldn't die. It is ridiculous. This delusion has served so many of us unnecessary pain. Pain that could've been avoided if people were to just think for themselves! You could drill it into their fucking brain and they still wouldn't understand.


Jul 2, 2018
... In kind of a strange way you did join a “club” ... so you are doing exactly what they said.... now for the going outside part ... maybe a high building ??
I am more than willing to use their words against them. The looks on their faces when I “go outside” and blow my brains out in public should be fairly nice. Too bad I will miss it.

Final Escape

I’ve been here too long
Jul 8, 2018
I think I was almost aborted and had I known what my life would be like I would have said go ahead mom it’s cool just don’t do it when I’m like fully developed and can feel the suction lol!
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