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Mar 27, 2020
Hi evewyone!

I have found this on one of the countless wikipedia pages I read:


so let's play a game; ill challenge you (both second language and native english speakers) to try and read this text and translate it. It's from 1557.
Put a '*' for unreadable words, put words you can read but cant understand (direct transcriptions) [like this].
English is not my first language, although I'd like to teach it to fellow frenchies one day. But I'll try anyway. I'll put mine under spoiler. only look at others' translations after having done yours!

I am curious to see what native english speakers can understand.

[Nowbeit], for each alteration of equations. I will propose a few examples, because the * of their roots, makes them more aptly be written. And to avoid the tedious repetition of these words "is equal to" I will set as I do often in my work, a pair of paralleles, or * lines of one length, thus : =, because [noe] 2 things, can be more equal. And now mark these numbers.

Good luck!

oh and here's another one I guess, here's my translation of an old english text (above is middle english)

Fæder ūre, þū þe eart on heofonum; Sī þīn nama gehālgod, tō becume þīn rīce, geƿurþe þīn ƿilla, on eorðan sƿā sƿā on heofonum. Ūrne gedæghƿāmlīcan hlāf sele ūs tōdæg, and forgif ūs ūre gyltas, sƿā sƿā ƿē forgifaþ ūrum gyltendum, and ne gelǣd þū ūs on costnunge, ac ālīes ūs of yfele, sōþlīce.

Our Father, thou who's in heaven; be your name [idk], to become your reign, [Idk] your will, on earth like in heaven. [I really have no fkin idea] us today, and forgive us our guilts, like we forgive (their?) guilts. and do not guide us on [idk], [idk] us of evil. (Amen?)
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