Aug 18, 2020
Yeah I ask myself if this will be a new topic I will talk more about. Analyze all the different jobs I am unable to do. Yesterday I wrote about being a lawyer. But forensic doctor seems pretty hardcore.

As a teenager I watched some real life gore and I still regret it. I ask myself if people could get PTSD from making/watching an autopsy. I did not find any articles about it. But it seems for me kind of plausbile. If you can get PTSD from watching gore why not from an autopsy. Maybe this is a stupid speculation I don't know enough. I think there are some criteria when PTSD can develop and an autopsy might don't fulfil these criteria.

Like I read stories in the past. Medicine students threw up when they watched their first autopsy in real life. Some are fainting. I ask myself if these students watch gore in order to desensitize themselves from it. Watching those videos can be bad for your mental health. Yeah studying medicine is I think usually often very exhaustive and not many people can cope with it.

There are also undertakers who have to deal with dead bodies. I have respect for their work. I once watched a video where an undertaker described his work. They try to make the body look good enough so that the family and friends can say goodbe. Yeah but in some cases the body looks damaged. When I think about I get kind of sad. This job must be pretty hard. I think I can remember another video. It was a discussion about assisted suicide. People with different jobs whre invited. I liked the undertaker a lot. He was in favor of very liberal assisted suicide laws. Maybe it is kind of a wisdom one can get if one is confronted with death and transience almost every single day.

I think I could not do an autopsy. Cutting a dead body into parts. All the blood, how it smells damn I could not handle that. I would be scared to becomce even way more traumatized. But as I said respect for them. It is an important work. Of course often not that easy. It must be emotionally sometimes pretty hard.