Jun 6, 2020
Shortly after moving back in July, I received a job offer from a major company that's needing me to help with some facilities work. It's a permanent role that pays 4x what i make now, in addition to profit sharing and full benefits. Not only that, but through a turn of events, I started dating this girl who genuinely wants what's best for me. She is helping me get through the transition into the new role, and is taking me on a vacation during the week I'll be taking off between when I quit my old job and start my new one.
I don't feel like I used to, knowing that I can tackle all my old problems now gives me a sense of control. I sometimes still think things will all go wrong, but whenever I start to get down, my girlfriend picks me back up. Things are alright, man. Things have been alright. I'm gonna give this a try for a bit. Thank you all for being friendly.


I want to sleep for an eternity
Sep 24, 2020
I’m pleased for you that things are going well. I wish you the best.

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