Jul 22, 2018
im ready as far as implementing my device. everything is 100% good to go. tested feels good. ready as far as to die? man I don't know. but im ready not to live anymore. I cant even look at myself in the mirror. im just not a good person and im not cut out for this world. all I do is hurt. myself and others. and then hate myself more for ruining good things. its a vicious never ending cycle. I cant do it anymore guys. I haven't showered in like 5 days. I haven't eaten anything but a couple cookies last night in days. I hate myself. I hate the world. I hate the thought of suffering 50 more years for nothing. I ruin everything good around me. I just cant do it anymore. I don't deserve to live.

Final Escape

I’ve been here too long
Jul 8, 2018
Oh Zach :( I really sympathize with u. I’m so sorry u are in so much pain. I just want to give u a hug. I hope this is the right decision for u and hope it goes well. I can’t help but feel sad but I get it. Goodbye I guess.


Jul 9, 2018
I guess this is goodbye? I feel sad but I know that's where a lot of us are heading. I will be going shortly after you, probably in the next couple months. Thanks for letting us know, ...and I wish you good luck and peace.