Feb 2, 2022
Yes because they hate me that I dont speak much
They tell me to speak up but I dont have anything to speak other than suicide which is not acceptable to 'positive thinkers'.
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Aug 11, 2022
Not all of us old folks (I’m 49) are positive thinkers.

When someone talks about death, it can feel too close for comfort for many people. Doesn’t mean it’s okay just because it’s typical. As a culture, we have a shit relationship with the topics of death, suicide, and euthanasia.

Anyway you have my support with your journey, however long or short it may be.
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Sorry but cats are so much better than people
Jun 9, 2022
I'm so sorry you feel hated and can assure you that not every older person feels that way. It's understandable that you do however, because I see the attitudes and actions of many of my peers and am disgusted. I on the other hand am convinced that the younger generations are more thoughtful, intelligent, empathetic, less judgemental, and better able to adapt. We can all benefit from communicating with and appreciating people of different ages.
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Wish that I was gone.
Sep 24, 2020
I really hate toxic positivity and how people continue to deny the cruel reality of this existence. The truth is that there is so much suffering and cruelty that exists in this world and will continue to exist as people continue to procreate. Anyone to have a completely positive view towards life must be delusional.

In my opinion, it’s best not to interact with those who could never be able to understand how we view life. We all experience life differently and some people can be very invalidating towards those that want to ctb. Suicide should be able to be discussed openly and it should be accepted as a personal decision. After all, we will all die anyway so to me it’s preferable to exit at a time of my own choosing rather than dying at a time out of my control. Individuals deserve to have the right to decide when to leave this world.


Aug 28, 2022
I have a little respect for older people because they've managed to get far in life. However I do get jealous knowing I won't be one of them.
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