Mar 20, 2021
yesterday i had a few drinks and downed a whole bottle of Benadryl. i don't remember much of that morning, but i know that my family found me overdosing and called an ambulance. I was told I was so confused and out of it i literally had to be led into the ambulance half naked and with no shoes on. when i came in in was feeling a little bit confused and it was really hard to keep my train of thought. i had two bags of saline done IV and over the course of 24 hours, i was able to get back to normal. nurses would take blood from my iv line every few hours and slowly the pills and alcohol came out. I truly dodged a bullet because the Benadryl was able to go through my liver without major complications. i just got back home, and i'm determined to put in the work it takes to make it right. i'm going to stop drinking and replace the weed i smoke with some that's really high in CBD and not a lot of THC so I can slowly work towards Sobriety. I should also try and eat better and healthy foods for overall wellness. i spent most of my day in the hospital reading a book by Daniel Amen, and it really gave me hope for health and wellness. Here's a link to that book!



Nov 10, 2021
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wishing you all the best right now :heart:


Jun 26, 2020
I totally agree with @qwertylmno post. Your post made my entire month of November so, so much better. Congratulations and all my love and caring towards you, as you are such an inspiration for me.

My best to you for a awesome future!!!

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