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Jun 15, 2018
I would be interest in lyrics also,as english is not my first language and i could not understand all of them.


Aug 31, 2018
First verse
Psychiatrist: why did you come here?
Girl: because I tried to commit suicide, I took an overdose of pills
Psychiatrist: 100?
Girl: 100 yes
Psychiatrist: And why did you want to commit suicide?
Girl:Because I didn’t want to face anything
Psychiatrist: This wasnt the first time?
Girl: No
Psychiatrist: How often have you tried?
Girl: I’ve tried quite a feel times
Psychiatrist: Why did you try so persistently to take your own life? It’s a difficult question...
Girl: I was just desperate and I couldn’t face things that had up so I thought the easy way out would be to take pills so that’s what’s i did.

Second verse
Psychiatrist: are you afraid of anything in particular or do you just feel so awful
Woman: I feel so awful all the time I just concentrate on one thing on myself, what’s happened to me, what’s gonna happen to me, I can’t seem to talk to people I just seem so dumb all the time, I can’t do anything, I can’t take any interest in life, or even family, I just sit there and feel dumb like a dumb person


Jul 12, 2018