Jun 29, 2018
I'm really desperate. I'm all alone. Stuck in this apartment barely functioning. I need to go out as quickly as possible and think that strangulation is my best option. I want to go by partial strangulation. I have a long exercise rope that is very long and thick. It is pretty much like a rope. I am thinking of tying one end to a doorknob and tying the end to my neck an going by partial strangulation. I believe it will work. Do I have to do anything extra. I am overweight, but I think that the doorknob and rope is sturdy enough to hold me up. I have heard of people putting a slippery substance on the floor to make sure of it. I don't understand how that helps. I have also heard of people tying their hands behind their back. How would I do that? Do I tie rope around my neck and then tie my hands behind my back? After all that do I basically tie my get on my knees and just push down with the rope around my neck? Last thing is I am going to tie the rope on the top of my neck right below my head. Is this the right position? I know these are a lot of questions, but I am not sure of what I'm doing and can't afford to mess it up. I want to go today. Thank you.