Jul 26, 2018
I was going to go with the exit bag but decided to get a gun instead. I can get a gun and ammo for the same price as all the materials for the exit bag (would need welding nitrogen or helium, heard the kind for balloons is not reliable for suicide). It’s faster - I pull the trigger and I’m done (the gun and ammo I’m using are very lethal and I know how to hit my brain stem). With the exit bag, I would need to make sure I don’t get interrupted which is a little hard when you live with a big family. I’ll be getting the gun Wednesday. Sunday, August 5 will probably be the day I do it. I will have work Thursday - Sunday and work by myself so it would very much affect people if I killed myself during that time. But if I did it on Sunday, it would affect my work the least. I’ve been wanting this for so long, it’s nice to know the end is near. Just 8 more days.


Jul 17, 2018
I assume you live in the USA. I wish I can get a gun that easily as well. I would be a fast way to go.
Same thing I was going to say. Killing yourself requires too many preparations and it takes too much time to get everything, a gun would be a godsend.


Jul 8, 2018
i dont like the idea of having a hole in my head, so i wont choose gun