Invisible anarchist
Jul 9, 2018
I live with insulting parents, and extreme paranoia, and I want to be free from it before death. I want just a few hours or so to experience life without that before I die.
I want to run away, as far from my parents as I can, and die at my own pace. Be able to travel and exist for a while as a free person.
Running away seems unacceptable unless you are definitely being abused. It's one of those things that's completely taboo and unacceptable unless you do it, and then people have to accept it. Wish that I were abused at times, so that I'd feel justified and sane in wanting to run away. So that I'd be too desperate and focused on escaping to stay here, and so that I wouldn't have to ask if it's my parents or if it's me or if it's both.
Running away is expected for victims of abuse - for anyone else, even the thought of it is practically illegal.

I'm way too paranoid. Being away from my parents, people who know me, would help. My parents would get me locked up. Strangers wouldn't. Unless I were reported missing. Which would be almost definite. But still, hard for people to track me down.

Things I'm paranoid about:
-serious voices
-the phone ringing
-the doorbell ringing
-the post
- the sound of a car passing the house
-internet cookies and saved browsing history

Need to be free from all of this. Want an exillerating final adventure where I don't need to feel uncomfortable because of parents, etc. Need a few hours of not feeling trapped.


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Apr 13, 2018
A final adventure sounds like a great idea and I hope that you succeed. Please don't pay attention to whatever society thinks is taboo and unjustified, it will just bog you down. Often abuse is not that prominent and it is often dismissed, your parents' behaviour with you can very well be classified as mental abuse. Anyways, once you're dead, you won't even be able to care about your action being inappropriate in the eyes of your parents and the rest of the society.

I'd suggest that you should be well prepared (and have some money) before making an escape. Take all the resources that you'll need to off yourself, use a reliable and quick method. That might increase the probability of you not getting locked up (alive).


Full-time layabout
Apr 7, 2018
Death is freedom.

Only true freedom there is.