Lowpoly Heaven
Dec 24, 2020
i just live to be distracted by escapism... so much fiction has wonderful worlds. and im stuck in the one where the worlds being actively destroyed by billionaires and corporations...

what a joke. im so distraught that im not in a position to explore space, the thing i wish the most i could do. and thats not even fantasy, there absolutely could be a point in humankind where we could effectively do so.
but of course, the world will be dead long before that, let alone myself.

i jjust look at the sky at night when its clear and its.. i just yearn to be out there... just by myself.

but im stuck on a dying planet.

Smart No More

May 5, 2021
Are you able to find wscapism in things like gaming? I know it's no substitute for the real thing but there are some great open worlds to discover on that front, real or not. Ite unfortunate to say the least, as I agree with you. Our world is under extreme duress and not only from a scientific/atmospheric point of view. The whole mindset of taking what you want, bragging about being over confident or ignorant and having the gaul to identify as open minded or 'woke'. It's such utter bollocks. These people done even question theirselves. They just go along with it all because it suits their narcissistic agendas. Selfish serving fuck wits! Like the people rwdusing to wear masks in a pandemic. It really boils my piss. But yeah, simmering down again, I guess I'm just suggesting some therapiutic eacapism if possible. It was one of my saving graces before my health took a bad turn and impacted my memory and cognition. Hopefully you're still able to make use of that kind of thing. Either way, felling your pain. :)


Send me off to bed for evermore
Jan 5, 2020
To quote the song I posted in another thread "It feels like I am living in the wasteland of the free". I doubt we will ever evolve. In my experience most normies don't want to make a real effort until the wolf is past the door and munching at their legs. The way it's going, the human race probably has 50-100 years left before "the planet shakes us off like a bad case of fleas".

It's a shame that humanity, with all the collective intelligence it has, will destroy the planet and itself in the pursuit of ultimately putting fat assed billionaires into space.


I want to sleep for an eternity
Sep 24, 2020
This life is just so disappointing. It can be painful having to face the harsh reality of this life everyday. I think many people search for escapism as a way of coping with it all. For many people, dreams are better than reality, but in my case nothing would ever make me want to live, no matter what I would be empty. There is so much wrong with this world so it is perfectly understandable wanting to be somewhere else. I wish you the best.


Nov 10, 2021
I feel your disillusionment, I'm also compelled to fill my days with anything away from true being. The earth will survive long after our impending extinction, making our survival even more pointless, being just another tick of the planets clock. Maybe it's better that space remains pure and uninhabited by the chaos of humanity, lest our misery spreads throughout the universe beyond the doom or our planet, like some terrible butterfly effect

When yearning for outer space, maybe try deep meditation to remove yourself from your body and place yourself among the stars you crave, to find some sense of peace. Idk sometimes it helps lol. Wishing you tranquility


Jul 29, 2021
we will need super intelligent machines to figure out how to travel in space at near speed light
light from a stationary source travels at 300,000 km/sec
the fastest human-made object: (393,044 km/h). NASA's Parker Solar Probe
i seriously doubt any of us alive today will be traveling in space during our lifetimes bar a few

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