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Nov 2, 2018
I saw your message, I'm not exactly sure how messaging works here. I'm sorry for posting elsewhere.

Hey waffles! No problem, you just need to post enough to get 'member' status instead of 'new member' and private messages will open up. I think 10 posts might be the cut off, but it might not be as clear cut as that.


Earth’s Parasite
May 11, 2018
If I was a ghost I’d just troll. Probably move some keys around, turn on random shit for no reason, try to make myself appear in people’s pictures. I don’t discriminate. I’d haunt everyone - including you guys.

That’s right I’m gonna be a evil ghost.
Deleted member 2141

Deleted member 2141

The angel of choice is enduring.
Aug 30, 2018
I'd probably go and haunt the pro-lifers as they made life hard for us and even forced me to have to be discreet to ctb with high risk of getting in trouble.