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May 5, 2021
I'm starting to get to the point where no matter what happens to me health wise I might just stick it out and wait for cures to all my issues. Lately I feel like I've seen every type of thread there is already and it's starting to get a bit repetitive. I don't have any more questions I want to ask people. Most of all I'm just exhausted with some of the people on this site. No matter how patient I try to be there's always some asshole who thinks they're smarter than they really are who tries to be condescending, except they have none of the social skills to do it well or any of the self awareness to see what a cunt they look like. I can tell that some of these people are probably pretty isolated and don't have any social life, which leads to them not having the social skills to try to act condescending, so it's a mixture of feeling bad for them and wishing that they would just shut up and calm down and stop trying to be an asshole for no reason. I have more than enough to deal with already since I could be losing my vision, and this site isn't benefitting me anymore so I guess this is my last post. I might come back after a year or two hoping that some of the pretentious assholes I dealt with are gone. I didn't know anyone in particular on this site, but for now bye.


Mar 22, 2020
I think it's okay for you to leave if you think that SS is not working out for you anymore!

Wish you the best!!!!


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