Jul 29, 2021
do you think any human being will attain immortality within the next 200 years
how do you think they will achive it via mind upload or transhuman or biological reverse aging
i wish i was immortal then life maybe might be worth living all my problems are related to my health
do you wish you was immortal
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Jan 27, 2021
Gosh that’s the absolute last thing I would ever want. To answer your question though, no, in my opinion. I find it hard to understand why anyone would want that…there are still so many far less complex things that ‘modern medicine’ has completely failed to cure or even manage effectively. So I don’t think immortality is on the cards any time soon.


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Aug 7, 2022
They're trying with adrenochrome

We choose a partner with characteristics we want, clone ourselves as a new child, teach him, let him judge with fresh eyes how to adapt & evolve.

This is good.

You really want millions of years of boredom, grief & pain?

Right now my SI makes me immortal. I'm in agony.

What you want is healing. Not be trapped under a fallen rock for eternity with crushed legs


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Sep 24, 2020
It’s rather ironic posting about immortality in the suicide discussion section on the forum where the focus is on shortening our lives rather than prolonging them.
I have no words to describe how much the thought of immortality horrifies me. The life expectancy right now is far too long. I simply don’t want to exist all, I just want eternal sleep. I really don’t understand those who want to prolong life. To exist is the worst possible thing regardless of the life quality. In my opinion it’s always better to not exist.


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Sep 25, 2018
yeah well it wouldent be a death trap anymore just financially trapped or a relationship trap
You make a good point. It's a case of all or nothing for some people and life would be better without death
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Lost in a Dream

Lost in a Dream

Feb 22, 2020
I think about this sometimes, but I don't know how it could be done in the next 200 years. It's possible I guess, but even if someone found a way to make it possible, I seriously doubt the medical industry would allow people to have immortality, without also having health problems that need fixing at the same time. To borrow @Hollowillow 's metaphor, the newly immortalized generation would be kept trapped under a rock forever, always with crushed limbs in need of fixing, just because there's profit to be made there, and what good would immortality be if you could still suffer hardship?

I do sometimes wish I could be immortal, but it would have to come with the added benefit of never having to eat or sleep again, never feeling any kind of physical pain or illness again, and it would have to be possible for me to delete painful memories that haunt me so I can forget them forever. Perhaps if I was an android, with a brand new body, it could work. If not, then at least I wouldn't have to worry about suicide methods being painful if I wanted to turn myself off. I could just pop out the battery and power down. The end.

Now that my physical health is starting to go downhill, after my mental health crashed and burned a long time ago, I'm closer than ever before to being ready to check out. There will probably always be a part of me that's afraid to do it, which is why I was interested in this thread. Once the idea of suicide becomes less terrifying than living, then I'll know it's time, but right now they both terrify me equally.


Aug 15, 2022
Its nightmere for what we live in a world with all those opossitions but it seems that there souls who are create for this.