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Sep 4, 2018
I am not sure if this has been posted or if anyone has seen it but I am posting it anyway...


If you read through it all you will be so pleased that is seems all her wishes were honoured.

Rest in peace sweet one.


Fuck hits home that she was someone’s daughter sister someone that was loved by others remembering her blog makes me feel ill now


Aug 14, 2018
Sorry to say it but I think this site has a lot to answer for hate me

This site doesn't judge, it allows free exchange of thoughts. There are enough sites which operate differently.

Whilst one would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by zanexx's death - or any other suicide out of utter desperation -
the reasons for such action can only be truly known by the person itself, as they alone feel the pain, not other people, as well meaning as they might be.
One can endlessly argue how much this site contributes to anybody's death, but all this site is for is to give people an informed option, and that is commended even if each death is a tragedy in itself.
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Morning Angel

Useless Broken Wings
Aug 8, 2018
I still think about you, Cal. You touched so many people’s lives here and never knew it. I wish things hadn’t gotten so hard and that you hadn’t lost the relationships that meant the most to you. I still wonder if those losses added to your pain, and accelerated your decision... as I can relate so much with this, I can only imagine. You’re one of the few people I chatted with here that really made me think about life and its validity. I respect and feel only love for you. You are missed.
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