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Voluntary deletion.
May 9, 2018
This title looks kinda rare.

Some of you feel like if you have a demon inside us? An evil creature who only feels fury. It wants to rampage everything it sees and when it runs out of rage, it sucks your energy making you feel depressed. The culmination of your madness and your bad wishes agsinst others.

This can sound stupid but it's how I feel constantly. It posseses me inmy anxiety attacks, it enrages me and it makes me see the other persons as the evil demons they have too. It causes my constant pressure in the chest because he feeds in that zone. When I suffer an anxiety or panic attack it's feeding of me. It makes me the awful person in fact I am and all my negative feelings even against myself.

I don't know, I must be losing my head or I'm mad and I don't know yet. And I'm so rare too.