Jul 11, 2018
I know for a fact now that I'll die in the next three weeks.

Interacting with other people, friends and family or acquaintances, is so odd to me now. I can't stop thinking about what I'm going to do and that they don't know. When we're together I wonder what they'll think of the time we spent together once I'm gone. If there's anything that will make them feel guilty or if they don't care at all. Anyone else have this?


Mar 26, 2018
I've not a big social life because of depression, lately I've been careful to not call or message any friend even if I was feeling to.
The point is that if I've not spoken with someone in the last six months and I die, he could still think/pretend that we weren't that close anymore and so on.
Instead if I call the same person and have a friend-to-friend talk and I die after a week, he would not be able to pretend that we weren't that friends anymore.
The amount of good that arrives for me from that call isn't worth the extra amount of pain of my friend.