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somebody must pay for this mortal decay
Nov 12, 2022
23f. i was caught in a pretty rough abusive situation as a small kid and while it didn't last long it still affects me, when my parents FINALLY took me to therapy at 11 i was diagnosed as depressed. had my first ctb attempt at 17 and it's been steadily getting worse as far as health work and relationships are concerned
music and horror movies (especially campy 80s ones) are pretty much my only passions. i love making art but i haven't had a drive for it for abt 6 months. one of my favorite things to do is buy flowers and put them on graves in my local cemeteries


Master of her fate. Captain of her soul.
Nov 19, 2022

I live in South Africa. I created a really good life, it was tough but I eventually got there. Unfortunately my depression, anxiety and perfectionism completely took over me. I have had depression and anxiety which manifested into many eating disorders for years but I’ve always managed to control it. This time was very different. I’m changed because of it.

I’ve been to several psychiatric hospitals which were all awful. I’ve attempted suicide, the last being an attempt at jumping off a building. I didn’t expect to be pulled down but I was and I’m suffering the consequences of that. Perhaps I needed more knowledge of how to do it successfully, I didn’t know something like this site existed. Stigma is a very real thing. And judgement hurts. I’m ashamed, disappointed within myself and feel as though I’m a weaker person because of this.

So many factors go into why the downward spiral of depression, anxiety and emotional turmoil relapsed. I just can’t live with the burden of this year hanging on me. I have a method in mind but I’m struggling to gain the confidence to actually do it. I feel very guilty for leaving my family, they’re amazing and they’re hopeful. I’ve begun to lose hope. It’s really just very very hard.

I hope to connect with people who understand and who can relate to me.

Thank you for having me!


Nov 21, 2022
Hi everyone, I'm fed up with my schizoaffective diagnosis and am seeking out. I tried to hang myself 2 years ago after I was first diagnosed.

After my most recent episode I am going to try to ctb again. Really hoping I am successful this time, going to try to get my hands on SN and an anti emetic.


Nov 22, 2022
Hi. Have been reading the forums for quite a while before joining, it's nice to see a place where you can say you want to die without people panicking.

I won't detail why I'm suicidal as my reasons don't seem like much compared to some here, but I'm now at a point where I want a plan in place for when it finally gets too much.

When I'm not too depressed I like running and gaming.


Nov 5, 2022
hi, i'm kyrie. i'm thirty years old and live alone in rural west wales, uk.

i have extreme anxiety and haven't left the house in years. the only people i have spoken to in years (either online or offline) are my mother and a few mental health professionals through video call, so i'm sorry if my posts are garbled or difficult to read. i haven't had a friend in more than a decade.

i'm gay but the only time i've ever had sex is when i was raped at university, which caused me to drop out.

i have no skills whatsoever and have never had a job.

i have never met a single person uglier than myself in real life. my face and body are covered in literally hundreds of protruding moles and skintags. people usually react to me with either extreme disgust or pity.

i'm fairly certain i will kill myself soon, but i'm trying a few things before then to make sure that when i do decide to go i know for certain that my situation was truly hopeless and i had no other choice.


Dec 1, 2022
I’m 18, M, and have been lurking here for a while. I have a date but no method yet. I’ve struggled with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive tendencies my whole life. I have a chronic illness that drains me from all the energy I used to have. I’m madly in love with a guy who doesn’t feel the same way. My best (and only) friend CTB last year, so I’m gonna go with him, as cheesy as that sounds. I’ve been abused but I’m not too comfortable getting into the details.

Erm, hobbies: Pretty much just writing. I write songs, stories, poems, all sorts of stuff. I’m an obsessive researcher with my specialty being various dead writers. I'm kind of boring and pathetic like that. Thanks for having me here.


Nov 29, 2022
New here and first post. 37M, late diagnosed autistic. It took a long time for me to realise why everything was so much more difficult, took so much more effort for me, and it turns out one of the main features of my autism is overstimulation and hypersensitivity. It's a cliche but true that I'm existing in a world that wasn't built for my brain.

Anyway, hello to you all, it's nice to meet you.


Nov 24, 2022
Hi! I'm Murphy, 22 F. Been lurking here since early 2021 I think. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. I'm pretty sure I've got social anxiety to top it all off. And I'm lesbian, so there's that. I might sound cringe but I keep feeling like I don't really fit in with the rest of the world. I'm a loner, haven't had a legit friend in eight years. Anyways, I guess I'm a nerd; I love video games, films, series, stuff like that. It's been hard, cause I don't really enjoy my hobbies anymore. Had one CTB attempt. I'd say I'm a realist but I don't think things will take a turn and get better, because I'm unfortunately not scared of death.