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Aug 18, 2020
I think probably yes. Though I admit as usual I made two buys at black friday. I buy Fifa and the playstation online subscription. Both is reduced at this time of the year a lot. I know electronic arts should feel ashamed to rip people of with Fifa. Barely imporvements and they demand a lot of money. I won't go into details why I still bought. it. To make it short I enjoy soccer video games a lot. But I don't waste money on this disgusting pay-two win system.

Though I think many or most people buy things at black friday which they don' really need. Or at least they only buy it because it looks like a great deal. They don't really enjoy having it but it is a dopamine boost when one buys it. I think this is deeply integrated in our capitalistic culture. The notion of wanting to reward you. The notion of you deserve it. The notion of be smarter than the other people who spend way too much for this product. This janus-faced notion of wanting to belong to a certain group (which this product allows you to be part of) and at the same time the notion of expressing your individuality by buying certain products. Then there are products which shall give you a good conscience. Buy bio-products and save the world. Pay more for a flight with CO2 certificates which is similat to selling indulgences.

I read on average the people in my country save 4-5% of money on black friday deals. When they were asked they estimated 20%.

But I am probably not that much better. There are people who can live in poverty and still enjoy life. I am already planning to kill myself when this happens. In a certain way I admire people who can live in poverty without many complaints. But for me no I cannot stand that. I need to kill myself. And the new welfare reform in my country is a fucking joke. They gave me hope all for nothing. It is in many aspects very cynical. How the media reported about it and that the leftwingers did not even want to fight for it. So when I kill myself the disappointment about politics will be a part of it. Though of course I have way bigger problem than that. But it was a naive dream of mine that the reforms could change something.
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Apr 15, 2022
That's how a lot of stores make a large percentage of their money for the year, at least brick and mortar stores do. I think everyone has bought things they don't really need. Nothing new there. I suppose receiving some perceived deal makes it easier for one to justify a purchase. Here in the US I think you can save a lot more than 20% on something on Black Friday, but what is 20% savings, or more even, if you don't really need what you purchase? In that case you really haven't saved anything. I guess Black Friday is good for gift buying if you can find a deal if you were going to buy something anyway.
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Jul 18, 2022

I think people are conditioned to lose their minds over Black Friday and end up buying things they normally wouldn’t because it’s on sale. Fear of missing out if you will.
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Feb 18, 2022
It’s a marketing trick but I don’t think anyone behind it cares whether or not you’re wasting your money.