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ultraviolet sin

ultraviolet sin

Jul 17, 2018
I’ll try to be concise. My wife and I have had a wonderful marriage, and even expected our first little one on the way. We’d been together for 5 years and all seemed great.

Until she miscarried I’m afraid. We used to be so close and open about everything. Something within her changed though. She didn’t handle the miscarriage well, and she started acting out in a promiscuous way. Normally I’m fine with her expressing her femininity however she wants, but I drew a line at camming online. All of the sudden, every other night was spent flaunting her figure. She was a prior cam girl so I felt confident that allowing her to stream was ok, it had never been a point of contention for us before. She was doing private shows for, it seemed, everyone but me.

It’s been hell, honestly, and I still don’t know how to approach it. She is so touchy on the subject. She’s filled out some since the miscarriage and maybe this is her way of regaining her confidence but it’s killing me.
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Mar 20, 2018
Normal or not normal is completely relative imo... It is not normal for you if it makes you feel bad. This might be very hard to do but would it be possible for you to tell her how you feel?


Apr 11, 2018
You married a ho that acts like a ho.

What exactly is the problem? You can't change this. If you want her to be nice to you then pay for it I guess.

The only not normal thing I see here is thinking about letting your future child to live with her.

Ps: the last part only applies if it's yours which is not likely so might not be a problem. Your actual problems will come when you start paying child support after a kid that's not yours.
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