Aug 18, 2020
Yeah I am refering to Mario Draghi. Maybe it is similar with Angela Merkel her prestige in the international press was way better than her prestige at home. Some people in the international press worshipped her.
I have read so many positive things about Mario Draghi. That with him Italy goes in the right direction. That he gives the country hope for a better future. And now he leaves? I think he looked kind of relieved because the work was so difficult. That Draghi leaves it kind of a disaster in my point of view. What I have heard of him convinced me that he is an honest and hard-working bureaucrat in form of a politican. Okay not fully honest. But for a politican not this bad.
I mean who shall be Italy's next hope? Salvini? Berlusconi? Honestly I am kind of concerned about the future of the country if someone like Berlusconi might return.

This is a sad day for Italy. At least this is how I see it. I don't know many Italians in this forum. But it would be interesting to hear your opinions on it.


May 13, 2022
I will try to explain this, and it will be useful to write this down, so i will better understand it myself.
So this was a national unity or technical government, with most parties in it, from left to right.
This mess began a few months ago, when our former Pm Conte, of the 5 Star Movement, and Salvini of the Lega began making a fuss about our military help to Ukraine, saying that it wasn't necessary, and using stupid reasons to justify this. I never had a good opinion about Conte, he always seemed very dull. They both are fanboys for Putin, Salvini is just more vocal about it.
In June the 5SM split, with the second in command forming a separate, pro-Draghi party, after Conte tried to kick him out.
At the end of June Conte came out with a story about a supposed Whatsapp conversation between Draghi and Grillo, the founder of the 5SM, in which Draghi asked him to depose Conte. Proof of this never was published, and Draghi denied, but this was the beginning of the crisis.
Conte began making a fuss about the presence of a norm in a law that was to be passed, that would let the mayor of Rome build a waste to energy plant to solve the horrible garbage problem in the city. Why did the 5SM oppose this? That's their main thing, opposing useful infrastructure projects.
So the law passed at the Chamber, but the 5SM didn't vote for it, even if it was sponsored by the government they were part of. Draghi wanted this national unity government to have as much support from the parliament as possible, so he tried to resign, put was turned down by the President. Then he put a vote of confidence on this law at the Senate, and put the 5SM before the choice of voting it or making the government fall.
Now, IMO, what happens here is that Conte simply didn't know what he was doing. I think he wanted to vote against the government, remain in the government with his ministers, but make it seem like he was at the opposition so he could gain some votes before the election. By putting the vote of confidence on this law, Draghi made it clear that he was not playing these games. So Conte was lost. He consulted his party members over multiple endless and useless online meetings, where many of the participants were at the beach. At the end he decided to not vote the confidence, probably calling Draghi's bluff, or hoping that the right parties would also exit the government. At the end it happened. Draghi proposed the return to the previous status quo or the creation of a new one, but with everyone inside. But the right parties said they didn't want the 5SM inside the government anymore. While Conte had diarrhea and wasn't seen all day, the right Parties, Lega and Forza Italia, took the ball and decided to also abstain from the vote so as to go to early elections. The current opinion is that they thought they would just lose votes to the other right wing party, FdI, if they remained in the government.
The next day Draghi resigned. Now everybody blames everybody else for the crisis making it seem like they were the biggest supporters of Draghi.
IMO the government fell because of the decisions of these 3 parties: 5SM, Lega and FI. These decisions were driven by both incompetence and petty self interest at the expense of the country's interest, and the casus belli was an incinerator. It's also very suspicious that all the parties involved have close realtionship with Russia. I don't know how much russian money are involved, but what happened certainly benefits them.
It might be my depression, but I feel complete disgust for our political class, so much so that i find it difficult to express it, and have felt this for years. Simply put, everyone is unreliable and incompetent, nobody is serious, because this country is not serious, and i don't see a way out of this. Draghi is the only person that i genuinely feel is competent and serious. He is not perfect, but he is incomparable to everyone else's idiocy. So I think his fall is a disaster for this country.
I really fear for what will happen next, my only hope now is that i won't be around to find out. I can assure you that Berlusconi is not he worst that can come. I saw FdI's manifest and it's basically the Fascist Party with a different name.
And yes, I also think Draghi was relieved from a personal level, to not be part of this mess anymore, but i'm sure he wants the good for the country and suffers for its fate.
Sorry for the long thread.
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